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For Sale

Miniature piglets DUE April 2014

Please check with your local council regarding pig ownership before contacting us.

All our piglets are vaccinated and males are de-sexed.

A deposit is required to complete the sale
**photos on our Facebook page (search for**

Males: $220 (inc. GST)
Females: $330 (inc. GST)

Highland bull semen straws available for purchase
Flash Gordon

Semen straws obtained by Australian prize-winning Highland bull.

Contact us for further information.

22x Wethered Baby Doll Southdown Sheep for sale

$200 + gst EACH




2013 Highland Steers FOR SALE
Born July 2012
Red coat colour

Baby Doll Southdown Ram Semen Straws FOR SALE

Semen straws from Murray the Baby Doll Southdown Ram
will be available for purchase shortly.

COST: please contact us for prices 

Murray is a direct descendant of one of the
first registered Southdown flocks in Australia.

Murray is FOR SALE also: $250 (inc. GST)

Want to start up your own Babydoll Southdown flock??

Murray + start-up flock FOR SALE: price on application


Possible "C Grade" Australian Miniature Goat.
Rare blue eyes. Very fertile!
$275 (inc. GST)

Start-up flock: Zeus plus 2 does = $500 (inc. GST)